Conozca Sus Derechos Seminar Series Project

The Conozca Sus Derechos Seminar Series Project (the “Project”) is a community outreach project designed to educate the Hispanic Community about a wide range of important current legal topics such as bankruptcy, foreclosures, landlord tenant disputes, criminal law, immigration law, consumer protection, public benefits, and many others. The Project seeks to educate the Hispanic Community about their legal rights as well as facilitate access to the legal system.

The Project

The Project consists of a series of approximately six live seminars per year which are held in public libraries or community centers. The seminars are conducted in Spanish and usually consist of three practicing attorneys and one moderator who leads the discussion before a live audience. All of the attorneys and moderators who participate in the seminars are active members of the HBACF, in good standing with the Florida Bar, and proficient in English and Spanish. Each seminar contains a question and answer segment led by the moderator, that allows audience members to ask general questions from the speakers and obtain general legal information.

Other programs

From time to time, in addition to the live seminars, the HBACF works to produce each seminar into television programs that are aired on local television networks. The programs are also made available as DVDs and online webinars which allow for greater dissemination of legal information. 

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