The Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida, Inc. (the “HBACF”) is a non-profit organization that was incorporated on September 3, 1991. The founding members of the HBACF were Norberto S. Katz, as Executive Director, Raul Alvarez, Angel Bello-Bellini, Wilfredo Martinez, Armando Payas, Jr., Jose Rodriguez and Ana Tangel-Rodriguez. This group of Hispanic attorneys recognized the immense need for support and representation of the Hispanic community, which made up a significant part of the Central Florida population.

It is indisputable that twenty plus years later the Hispanic Community continues grow in size and influence but remains vulnerable. That is why the HBACF’s mission remains as meaningful and important today as it was when it was formed. Currently, the HBACF has over 200 members made up of judges, magistrates, attorneys, legal assistants, law students, and other members. As the HBACF’s membership continues to grow, so does its influence and ability to fulfill its mission.

The HBACF stands ready to advocate for the rights of the Hispanic community and help Hispanics learn and understand their legal rights and gain greater access to the courts and the legal system. The HBACF is also committed to promoting a greater representation of Hispanics in leadership positions. These efforts include supporting Hispanics in becoming judges, lawyers, law professors, law students, civic leaders, and business owners.

Norberto S. Katz

Armando Payas, Jr. 

Raul Alvarez

Angel Bello-Bellini

Jose Rodriguez

Wilfredo Martinez


Ana Tangel-Rodriguez